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"I genuinely enjoy facilitating transformations in my clients; I am not responsible for the positive changes that occur – simply I am equipped with the tools that guide you to true SELF EMPOWERMENT and resolution. "

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Individual Therapy Sessions can address and resolve any condition that you many be dealing with, no matter how recent, recurrent, chronic or acute. Contact Mariam for more details on how she can help you with your current situation.
Pain Relief and Physical
Find permanent relief from physical pain and recover from disease and disorder through an integrated therapy plan with Mariam that resolves your condition at a deep level in the subconscious mind for health and vitality.
Relationship Counseling Mariam helps couples at a collective and individual level to take responsibility for actions and words while working towards a common goal that is mutually beneficial for each partner.
Addictions Addictions are a form of habits but at a deeper level. Mariam can help with alcohol, drugs, smoking, and even sexual addictions through a personalized program made just for you.
Habits Liberate yourself from negative behaviors and habits causing you harm or discomfort through a personalized therapy program with Mariam, to live confidently at your most highest potential.
Depression and Mental
Through releasing the emotional baggage and shifting deep thought patterns, Mariam will assist you in bringing balance back into your life while maintaining a positive mind set and attitude.
Children’s Disorders Children are highly sensitive to their environments and may develop a various range of disorders that Mariam can address gently and effectively with mind and behavioral therapies.
Weight Release Weight gain and obesity are not only a physical condition but also deals with negative emotions and thought patterns that keep weight on the body. Mariam will customize a program to help you to release your weight physically and emotionally while maintaining a food plan that is right for you.
Phobias, Fears, Anxieties Phobias and strong fears can create complications and extreme discomfort for those who experience them. Mariam works with you through a integrated therapy program to find the source and help you to neutralize the emotional and physical effects in order to live your life with ease and comfort.
Anti Aging Through meditation, breathing techniques, releasing of emotional baggage and more, Mariam can help you to address your aging concerns in a number of ways for rejuvenation of the body and mind.


  • "I had in the back of my mind when I started the ‘Weight Release’ program it will NEVER get between me and chocolate,we’ve had a love affair for years! But OMG it did!! I don’t even crave a chocolate anymore.”

    Mid Wife to Royal Family
  • “I have been dealing with painful Migraines all my life.I came to see Mariam and within less than 10 minutes my pain disappeared. I left the clinic and went straight to work after my one week absence.”

    CEO International TV Station
  • “The effects of Mariam’s Integrated Therapies were immediate and felt like I had been given a new lease of life. My life has since changed on a profound level.”

    MD Asset Management Firm
  • “I was healed from a chronic pain in my shoulder that I have suffered from for many years, just by doing some simple belief work.”

    Dental Hygienist
  • “I am immensely grateful to Mariam who has been very kind, patient, supportive and a guide to my process of creating my new positive reality.”

    PR Executive
  • “After attending a workshop with Mariam, 6 months later I met my soul-mate and we are planning to tie the knot very soon!”

    Marketing Manager


Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness

Job Stress carries a price tag for U.S. industry estimated at over
$300 billion annually as a result of:

Positive Parenting


This is a specialized therapy program developed by Mariam Yasin after many years of training, research and extensive experience working in the field across the Middle East and around the world. It combines Behavioral therapy and Scientific Mind Training techniques, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and many more effective tools that work on accessing the root cause of any issue or concern and resolve it from its core in the depths of the Mind. The program works to shift limiting thoughts and behaviors to an empowered, positive state of being with clearly defined goals and desired outcomes.
Upon the initial consultation, we will discuss what you would like to address and together define the ideal outcome we are working towards. Then an individualized therapy program with specific tools and techniques for positive transformation is developed and the resolution begins. Any issue or concern can be worked through this program from physical disorder, emotional imbalances, career and financial concerns, self-esteem, stress related difficulties, habits and addictions, relationship instabilities, fears and phobias, weight fluctuation and more.
This depends on what we will be addressing. Many clients experience positive shifts from the first session, ultimately more than one session may be required for complete resolution.

Thoughts are a form of energy similar to radio waves in that they may be invisible to the naked yet are incredibly powerful and TRAVEL FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT. Our thoughts become “things”- they create our emotions, and direct forms of energy in affecting our physical body and even our reality.

This means we have to take responsibility for what is happening in our lives! Instead of complaining that “this is happening to me”, we can choose to ask ourselves “how did I create this?”This is great first step in the direction toward self-empowerment and positive transformation.

The first step would be to be more aware of your daily thought patterns towards yourself, others and the various life situations you experience. You many find that more thoughts than you realize are not so positive in nature! Train yourself to correct any negative words and thoughts with positive beneficial ones, also it may be necessary to dig deeper with some of those belief systems that may be limiting you in many ways- this can be addressed in MIND training sessions.
You may book an appointment for Individual Therapy Sessions or Workshops by email or contact +971506361218 with your inquiries.

Individual Therapy Sessions:

Fees AED 550 per hour (packages available upon request)

Confidentiality and client discretion is always honored


Positive Parenting Power
Investment AED 1499 (1 full day or 2 half days)

Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives:

Wellness Program packages available upon request



Happiness is directly correlated to a positive mental state, sound health and overall well-being of a person. Anything blocking you from true happiness can be resolved through effective and simple positive mind training techniques to gain self-realization and self-empowerment. Take action now. Any issue, challenge or concern can be addressed and resolved through your individualized therapy or wellness programs with Professional Mind Therapist Mariam Yasin, to book your appointment today.

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